Innovation Ready Customer Experience organised by SEV

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The 8th Innovation Ready workshop, Customer Experience in the new digital era is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 16:30 until 18:15.

The workshop features advanced digital technologies and solutions that improve the customer experience in the physical and online store:

  • Data analytics and feedback management tools that uses customer feedback, unifies opinions and helps design targeted digital marketing campaigns.
  • Smart chatbots that offer direct personalized customer service.
  • Platforms that optimise storage and placement in online store operations, whilst increasing the overall digital customer experience.
  • Loyalty programs for advanced customer engagement, managing of commercial offers, partner development, and new products and services.

See the detailed program here and the 10 opportunities for investment and collaboration here

Please fill in the participation form to receive your participation link. 

The presentations will be in English.

By participating in the B2B meetings after the event, you may:

• Be part of Matchmaking processes between industries and leading local startups that leverage cutting-edge technologies and digital transformation solutions

• Discover and seize business opportunities, by taking advantage of both nascent, pre-industrial and mature technologies looking for ways to penetrate the markets. 


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