The Mechanism

The “Mechanism” is an important tool, which was created by ASDA in order to support the effort of developing and promoting entrepreneurship in the area of West Athens.

Its purpose is to actively contribute to the business revitalization of the region through the attraction of new business activities, the removal of negative business conditions and the establishment of collective processes for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the area of West Athens as a business and investment destination.

In particular, the Mechanism aims at: 

  1. Supporting the operation of the Information Services Centers for Entrepreneurship and Investments (KYPEE) of West Athens, which are information and interface hubs for potential new and existing business as well as investors.
  2. Providing business information through a dedicated Platform to any interested local new business (along with the services of KYPEE, complementary or even reinforcing to them).
  3. In the development and transfer of know-how on doing business in West Athens
  4. Enhancing the attractiveness of West Athens as a field of business activity through dedicated promotional and publicity actions. 
  5. The mobilization of professional partners and other stakeholders in the business environment.

The Mechanism is an action of the Strategy for the Sustainable Urban Development of West Athens and utilizes the development tool “Integrated Spatial Investments” funded by the NSRF 2014-2020 through the Attica Regional Operational Programme.


Design of policy measures for the development of entrepreneurship in West Athens

The main role of the Mechanism is the formulation and promotion of proposals for actions and interventions that will facilitate and enhance the activity of businesses and investors in West Athens, through the competent institutions.  

Within the context of this role, the Mechanism develops a series of actions focusing on:

  • The preparation of studies regarding the development of entrepreneurship in West Athens (preparation of proposals and measures to support entrepreneurship in the of West Athens area).
  • The development and cultivation of a dialogue on key issues of entrepreneurship with important stakeholders in the business sector.

Providing services to businesses and investors

In parallel and in addition to the services provided by KYPEE, an important part of the Mechanism’s role concerns the direct transfer of knowledge to companies and investors. This action includes the operation of a specific Portal for the provision of information and supporting material for businesses and potential investors.

Supporting the daily operation of KYPEE 

The Mechanism’s responsibility is to support the daily operation of the two KYPEE operating in the Municipalities of Ag. Anargyron-Kamaterou and Egaleo respectively, by providing support and information to the executives of the centers to ensure the quality of the services provided to local businesses.

Developing synergies with the entrepreneurship environment 

The entrepreneurship environment, both at local and national level, is an important field of action for the Mechanism, since through coordinated informative actions it works to mobilize businesses, professional partners, research institutions, financial services institutions and the academic community. The purpose of their mobilization is to actively participate in designing actions to support businesses, strengthen entrepreneurship and to implement targeted interventions to stimulate entrepreneurship in West Attica.

The Mechanism is an action of the Intervention for Sharing Platform Economy Perspective/ SPEP promoted in the framework of the Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development of West Athens and utilizes the development tool “Integrated Spatial Investments” financed by NSRF 2014-2020 through the Attica Regional Operational Programme.


With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union