Strategic Plan of Extroversion
Strategic Plan for the Extroversion of Enterprises of Western Athens (available only in Greek)
The object of the study is to register the business environment of Western Athens as well as the export activity of the businesses based in the area. The study includes information on the development prospects of extroversion, such as the main target markets and the export dynamics of Western Athens. Also, the study presents the strategic objectives of enhancing extroversion, the design of actions to support the penetration in foreign markets and the basic directions for the achievement of strategic goals, such as the use of financing instruments to strengthen the extroversion plan of businesses.
Strategic Study for the development of entrepreneurship
Strategic Study for the development of entrepreneurship and the improvement of the economic and administrative environment of Western Athens (available only in Greek)
The aim of the study is to depict the current situation and the parameters that affect entrepreneurship and the development of economic activity in Western Athens and to analyze the difference between the existing and the desired situation in the business environment using the "Gap Analysis". In addition, the study includes the identification of improvement interventions and the development of a strategic plan for the implementation of the improvement interventions and the monitoring of the achievement of the foreseen strategic objectives.
Useful information material
Special Tools
Guide with practical information for businesses and those wishing to start a new business in Western Athens (available only in Greek)
The guide includes useful information that can be used both by existing businesses and people who wish to start a new business in Western Athens. The guide provides information on issues related to the management of a company as well as the framework and the procedures for setting up a new business. It also provides information on the different tax regimes, labor issues as well as information on commercial leases and product specifications. It also presents the available funding for new or establishes businesses.
Study about the importance of Certification for businesses (available only in Greek)
The subject of this study is the presentation of certification and its benefits for businesses, the presentation of the main involved parties (international, European and national organisations of standardisation), the detailed presentation of the main standards that are applicable both to Greece and abroad and the provision of information for the certification procedure.
Studies for the Simplification of the Business Environment
Study to support the transition to an environment of digital disclosure statements of business or professional activity (available only in Greek)
The object of the study is the registration of the existing licensing procedures of companies that fall under Directive 2006/123/EC as well as any recent interventions for their replacement. In addition, the study includes proposals for measures and policies capable of leading to the reduction of the overall time of completion of the licensing process, through the digitization of licensing operations and the transition to an environment of digital statements of notification of starting a business or professional activity.
Study on the feasibility of developing common services for the simplification of the business environment, as regards the role of local government (available only in Greek)
The object of the study is to explore the possibilities of developing common simplification services for licensing, operating and regulating issues of business activities, the executive responsibility of which belongs to Municipalities, and more specifically to Municipalities of Western Athens, with the aim of creating a new, modern, friendly and reliable environment, which will favor both the founding of Greek small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as attracting sound and long-term investment. The aim of the study is also to formulate proposals concerning the simplification and standardization of the procedures for the municipalities and the action required at an institutional level.

With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union